Circulating Currency

Co-op Marketing with Bitcoin

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Why Use Bitcoin?

International digital currency with low fees and immediate transfer of funds with no chargeback.

What is this eBook About?

This eBook will teach you the basics you need to understand and to use digital currency. The eBook will cover what digital currency is, the benefits and disadvantages of using it, how to get it, how to trade it, and finally how to use it in your own business or for personal use.

This eBook is designed to be an instruction manual to get you into the digital currency world. It is not a guide on everything about bitcoin. However, it will point you to other resources for educating yourself further.

Once you have your own bitcoin and know how to use it, we will invite you into our Circulating Currency Economy. We will start you out gently and let you receive bitcoin by selling advertising in eBooks, such as this one, designed to promote our circulating currency economy. We will teach you how to generate and leverage bitcoin using our eBooks and corresponding coded websites. Had you purchased or received bitcoin when this eBook first came out, you would have 48 times your value at the time of this edition three years later. We are just getting started.

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