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By Roger Johnsrud 9.0

Copyright 2016 Genus Enterprises

All Rights Reserved

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This eBook will teach you the basics you need to understand and to use digital currency. The eBook will cover what digital currency is, the benefits and disadvantages of using it, how to get it, how to trade it and finally how to use it in your own business or for personal use.

This eBook is designed to be an instruction manual to get you into the digital currency world. It is not a guide on everything about bitcoin. However, it will point you to other resources for educating yourself further.

Finally, once you have your own bitcoin and know how to use it, we will invite you into our Circulating Currency Economy. We will start you out gently and let you receive bitcoin by selling advertising in eBooks, such as this one, designed to promote our circulating currency economy. In the near future, eBooks will cover different projects in our long term plan to take needed companies public for the betterment of our communities.


What is the thesis?

The concept is based on barter where individuals trade their time to produce useful items that can be traded with others. But in order for barter to work, the value of what an individual is trading out in time must we worth what the same individual would be willing to pay in time for the same product. In order to have international barter, you need to establish a common currency system that each would willingly circulate for the same perceived value. We use bitcoin for that foundation.

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Circulating Currency and Bitcoin

What is bitcoin and what does it have to do with circulating currency? In order to answer this we need to introduce a few other relationships. Before there can be an economy, individuals must be willing to trade their time for money. Money is just a tool to represent your time or “work”. As example, if you work for one hour and you receive 10 notes in one currency or a wheelbarrow full of currency in another economy, you can instantly equate the value of your hour to each of the other currencies. You “assume” you would have to trade 10 notes in one currency or a wheelbarrow full of the other currency to receive one hour of work from someone else.

Before you can establish value for a currency, you must trade 10 notes or a wheelbarrow of currency to someone, they then trade the same amount of currency with someone and finally someone must “circulate” that same currency BACK to you for the same work. Once we circulate the currency, everyone is agreeing on the value for the same work, or at least how much “money” they expect in their economy for their effort.

Money makes it easier or more convenient to trade. The problem with centralized money (most government money) is the possibility for someone to manipulate the value by printing more without an equal amount of work. If you keep printing the notes, they soon have no value in the economy because no one worked to pay for the note's existence.

Our goal is to create a new economy of circulating funds using decentralized currency (controlled printing) as opposed to centralized banks (uncontrolled printing). In our system, a shoemaker buys groceries from the market, the owner of the market buys gas at the local gas station, and the owner of the gas station buys his shoes from the shoemaker all with a recognized decentralized currency. This is what we mean by circulating funds.

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