Where to Buy and Sell Them

First you must get a bitcoin wallet. We are NOT bitcoin. We do not trade, arbatrage or otherwise try to make money from bitcoin. We use bitcoin like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or other financial processor. It is a necessary challenge but the only way to get BIG money faster and the safest way to transfer money around the world. Below are some recommendations. Pick one that works for your phone or computer system. Read their features. You will need to provide verification of email, phone and a picture of you along with your drivers license or other government issued ID.

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Click here for a video on what is required for a bitcoin wallet.


If you want more than a simple card, take the time to get an Uphold account so you can change currencies and connect your bank. We recommend Kraken for the serious individual to get funds in and out of bitcoin, but it could take time to verify you. Kraken fees are much lower and will connect to your bank account. They are a full service exchange, so you can buy and sell other currencies.

Purchase Bitcoin

Once you have your wallet, you will need to get bitcoin. It is expensive to purchase bitcoin unless you set up an account like Kraken above. There are several methods to purchase Bitcoin. You could purchase via credit card direct with our marketing partner coinmama. If we get large enough volume, we will be able to discount the fees slightly. Your fees will be $10 plus 10.5% of your charge with a minumum of $60 ordered. We recommend purchasing several hundred dollars so you have bitcoin to help others, while saving the $10 cost each order, if you were to purchase smaller amounts. Our service works just like Changelly.

You may also want to try a Bitcoin ATM.

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Make sure you select "other" on the map for Location Type.

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Note: The tool below is not our company. However, you may find worldwide services not listed elsewhere for purchasing bitcoin. We are NOT part of SUMO. Do not register, log in, or try to contact the PPEC from this page. You may be able to find an exchange to purchase bitcoin from this page.